Where Skating Takes Flite

The Fliteway Figure Skating Club has been providing north Edmonton residents with skating lessons for over 40 years.  We are primarily based out of the Castledowns Arena, but also utilize the Glengarry, Grand Trunk, and Clareview Arenas.   From taking the first steps on the ice, to learning how to do crossovers or competing at a national level, Fliteway has a program to meet your skating needs.  Our customized programs use progressive skating techniques in a supportive team atmosphere, allowing all skaters, at all levels to (take FLITE)

Club Overview
* year round training center
* grassroots to champions training system
* gymnastics / dance enrichment programs
* structured off-ice training classes
* on ice group (stroking) classes
* LTAD based programming
* boys figure skating program
* approximately 30 hours of ice time (shared ice program)
* home to provincial champions / medallists / National level competitors

* Dartfish Video Review 

* handheld and overhead harness 

Board Of Directors

Bonnie W. 
President (780) 472-1810

Rebecca W.
Vice President (780) 472-1810                                       infofliteway@gmail.com

Monica H.

Vaughn C.
Secretary (780) 472-1810


Gita B.
Member At Large (780) 472-1810

Trina V. 
Member At Large (780) 472-1810                                   infofliteway@gmail.com

Linda Budinski 
Coaching Rep.  

Clyde Hammer
Coaching Director  
(780) 472-1810
Darcy R.
Test Chair
Michelle M.
Office Manager
Dianne G.
Bingo Coordinator / Office Support
bingofliteway@gmail.com (780) 456-4747  or 780.405.4687