Fliteway Figure Skating Club Professional Coaching Staff 

 The Fliteway team of professional coaches adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and are registered members of our sport governing body Skate Canada.  Our team’s goal is not only to produce great skaters but to also empower athletes to be confident leaders in all aspects of their life.  Our mission is to create a positive, safe, motivational training environment which is geared towards developing athletes to their full potential.         

The Fliteway Team                                                                                                                                                                   Registered Members of Skate Canada as a Professional Coach                                                                                                        NCCP Trained and Certified through the National Coaching Certification Program                                                                             Valid Police Record Checks                                                                                                                                                            Members in good standing with Skate Canada                                                                                                                                Respect in Sport Course                                                                                                                                                                   Making Ethical Decisions Course 


Clyde Hammer (Seneca College CTCF)


FFSC Coaching Director

  • NCCP Level 3 Certified (National Coach)
    NCCP Level 4 Tasks
    Trainer of Numerous Sectional  Medalists and Champions
    Coached Skaters to 5 National Championships  
    Coached skaters to Senior Competitive / Extensive Gold Test Level Experience
    Gold Figure, Gold Freeskate, Jr Competitive
    Seneca College Sports Program
    26 years Coaching Experience

 Contact:   hammerclyde@gmail.com   (780) 472-1810


 Ron Kaiser (BA Psychology)

  • NCCP Level 3 Certified 
    National Level Competitive Coach
    Had many skaters pass Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance & Gold Skills Tests
    BA (major Psychology) 
  • BEd. (minor: Movement Ed.)
    38 years coaching experience

 Contact:   ronsk8@shaw.ca

Linda Budiniski (Bachelor Of Arts Degree)

  • NCCP Level 3 Certified (National Coach)
  • Gold Dance
  • Gold Freeskate*, Gold Skills*, Novice Competitive*, Silver Interpretive*(student accredited)
  • Skaters qualified for "Junior Development Team" Alberta
  • Selected to attended Star University Program-Skate Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • 28 years of Coaching experience


Contact: linnylou68@hotmail.com        (780)-717-3836


Cindy Wong-Larson (Seneca College CTCF)

  • NCCP completed Level 2 (Singles, Pair & Dance)
    NCCP partial Level 3 (Theory & Technical)
    Gold Skills, Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance,
    Novice Competitive (*student accredited)
    Sectional level coach Coach of a "Junior Development Team" member for Alberta
    26 years coaching experience

Contact:   clwongo@hotmail.com Phone: (780) 977-7151   


Tracey Hammer (Seneca College CTCF)

  • NCCP Level 2 Certified
    NCCP Level 3 Technical and Theory
    NCCP Level 4 Tasks
    Trainer of Sectional Medalists and Champions
    Trainer of National Competitors
    Coached skaters to Senior Competitive
    Gold Figure, Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance, Gold Skating Skills
    Senior Competitive
    Former Intermediate Level Judge
    Seneca College Advanced Coaching Techniques Diploma 
    21 years Coaching Experience

Contact:  hammerclyde@gmail.com   (780) 472-1810  

Sarah Baker



  • Gold Freeskate
  • Gold Dances
  • Gold Skating Skills
  • Gold Interpretive



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