Fliteway Competitive Skating Programs

Skating Towards Excellence!

 New: Fliteway Pairs Skating Academy 


 Our Mission: 

  • To revitalize pairs skating within Alberta
  • To Increase awareness of pair skating to rural area clubs  
  • To provide ongoing assistance for skaters, coaches & clubs 
  • To establish a following of skaters interested in pairs
  • To form pairs teams with an intent to compete
  • To provide a venue for pairs training
  • To have skaters explore and experience pair skating                
  • Open to non-members

For additional information please contact infofliteway@gmail.com    

Facebook:  Fliteway Pairs Skating Academy

Fliteway Competitive Skating Program

  • 6 Stage Accelerated Programming
  • Year Round Training Centre
  • Hand Held and Overhead Harness
  • Technique and DARTFish Video Analysis  
  • Off-ice Jump, Performance & Conditioning Classes 
  • Gymnastics Enrichment Program
  • Financial Support 
  • In Class Lectures (CDA 2018) 
  • Off-ice Harness Rotational Development Exercises (CDA 2018)
  • Access to Choreographers and Spin Specialists 
  • National Certified Coaches 
  • LTAD Based Grassroots to Champions Training Structure 


Our Accomplishments

National Competitors 

Numerous Challenge Competitors and Medalists 

Provincial Medalists and Champions (all levels) 

Summer Series 1st Place Standings

Leading Edge Seriers 1st and 2nd Place Standings